Welcome to Stoud Neurofeedback


Neurofeedback is my passion and I truly love what I do!


There are only a very small number of Neurofeedback practitioners in the UK. I believe I'm one of only 4 psychotherapists to use this procedure in this country, and there are only around 30 other practices in the UK.


I found out about Neurofeedback in 2015 by hearing trauma experts Bessel Van der Kolk and Sebern Fisher speaking highly of the extraordinary turnaround in quality of life many clients have had.


I was sceptical but interested, and researched widely and read many testimonials. There are many research papers published and while in the UK it is not known about, in the USA its widely offered.


I bought the equipment and undertook training as a leap of faith, knowing no one who had tried it themselves. I've been astounded at the results for me, my family and more recently my clients. I can't promise its a panacea but I hope that positive things will happen for you too, training your brain.. I'm so excited about the possibilities of neurofeedback for a wide range of symptoms, as well as peak performance... I'm delighted to be able to bring this exciting modality to Stroud.



For the last few years I have offered, in addition to my usual neurofeedback and psychotherapy practice,  'pay what you can afford' sessions on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.  Click here for more details of Stroud Community Neurofeedback'